10 Best White Noise App to induce sleep in 2019

Are you having trouble sleeping, find out the Top 10 best White Noise App which can help in your sleep?

According to ScienceDaily report

More than 25% of Americans population, experience acute insomnia every year, and more than 75% of these individual gets recover without meditation. These 75% individual did not develop chronic insomnia or persistent poor sleep.”

If you have a sleepless night, then please consult your doctor and get meditation.

We also recommend you use, white noise apps, which can induce sleep and can help you relax your body.

What is White Noise App?

White Noise app is those apps which generate random sounds with equal intensity at various frequencies mode.

White Noise app thus helps in getting sleep in individual.

There are five popular methods of noise for getting healthy sleep

  • White Noise
  • Pink Noise
  • Brown Noise
  • Blue Noise
  • Violet Noise

What is the benefit of White Noise?

There are many benefits of White noise on the human body, and some of them are as follows

  • To get Sound Sleep in night
  • Help you fight tinnitus by masking the sound
  • To relax your head by infusing relaxing music
  • To help you concentrate on study or jobs
  • To help you in meditation
  • To help reduce anxiety
  • To make you calmer by infusing different soundtracks
  • To boost your brain wave and help you focus on your job
  • A healthy person who did not have sleeping problem can also use this app to boost production



10 Best White Noise App to induce sleep in 2019

We have summarized the top 10 best apps for White Noise which can help you achieve sound sleep.

These apps can be used in both Android and iOS and can be used a better way if you use headphone to hear these sounds.

Let’s check top white Noise apps for Android and iOS.


  1. White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite is developed by “TMSOFT” and has more than 5million installs from Google Play Store.

White Noise lite has more than 40 different soundtracks, which can help you relax and attend sound sleep.

Some of the features of White Noise lite are as follows

  • Get help in your sleep by blocking all distractions
  • Help you relax and reduce stress
  • Help you in Pacifies fussy and crying babies
  • Help you in increasing focus and concentration
  • Help in soothing headaches and migraines
  • Help in masking tinnitus
  • More than 40 soundtracks to sooth your mind and body
  • You can record, loop and share new sounds
  • You can use this on Smart TV as this app is supported by Chromecast
  • You can create multiple new soundtracks by mixing the original sounds
  • Get advance alarm and timer system to help you awake feeling refreshed
  • Get on-screen media player and volume control
  • Works seamlessly with all Android and iOS device

Pro tips: Use white Noise lite to have a sound sleep.

Download for Android

Download for iOS


  1. White Noise Sleep Sounds app

One of the best White Noise app which got featured on BBC, ABC, CBS, and wall street Journal.

You can use White Noise Sleep Sounds app for getting better sleep and relax the body.

Some of the features of white Noise Sleep Sound app are as follows

  • Get sound sleep using this app
  • Wide range of white noise soundtracks
  • Get a high quality ambient mix of sounds for your sleep
  • Isolate from all other physical distraction and concentrate on sleep
  • Get a relaxed environment with cyclical sleep pattern
  • Get naturally recorded sounds
  • Get advance sleep timer which fade-out slowly
  • This app can run while the device is locked, or the screen becomes dark
  • You can shortlist your favorite soundtrack
  • Help in masking tinnitus

Pro tips: use White Noise pillow sound if you want natural recorded sound for relaxing sleep

Download for Android


  1. White Noise baby app

Do you have a crying and fussy baby who did not sleep easily, no matter how hard you try?

Well, now all your agony is going to over when you will use White Noise Baby App.

Perfectly suited for all fussy and crying baby, who makes life hell by crying.

Use White Noise baby app and make your baby relax and sleep better.

Some of the features of white Noise baby app are as follows

  • Highly recommend the app for baby who requires sound sleep
  • Better than baby lullaby to make you adorable baby sleep fast and relax
  • It can start playing soundtrack when it detects crying of a baby
  • It can stop a baby crying with smoothing soundtracks
  • Get ambient sounds and music which actually help your baby relax
  • Get baby mode notification which helps reduce interruptions
  • Get help from US Consumer Product safety commission
  • Optimized for all iOS and Android devices
  • Save battery by initiate battery saver mode
  • It combines smooth sounds which gently give shushing in your baby ear

Pro tips: best app if you want your baby sleep sound with relax body.

Download for Android

Download for iOS


  1. Sleepo App: Relaxing Sounds, sleep

Get comfortable sleep by Sleepo App, which has more than 32 HD quality soundtracks.

Some of the features of Sleepo App are as follows

  • Get relaxing sounds and peaceful ambiance which you help you sleep
  • Get 32 HD quality soundtracks mix with fine natural sounds to help you relax
  • Get three popular modes of white noise
    • White noise
    • Pink noise
    • Brown noise
  • You can mix the sound to make you own natural music
  • Help you relax and reduce anxiety
  • Get different sounds like
    • Rain
    • Nature
    • City
    • Meditation
  • Customize your timer which can wake you up
  • Do not need active internet to play these soundtracks
  • Choose a different theme and mix and match soundtracks to gain effective sleep
  • More than 1million verified Google Play installs

Pro tips: use Sleepo, if you want 32 HD quality soundtracks to make you sleep better

Download for Android


  1. White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds

Another great app to relax crying baby and make them sleep comfortable.

Some of the features of White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds are as follows

  • Help your baby relax and get sound sleep
  • More than 24 white noise sounds to help your baby relax
  • Get more than 04 baby lullabies
  • Get all soundtrack with infinite playback
  • Get advance timer with soft fade out features
  • Get mixer with adjustment of volume on every 24 soundtracks
  • Get background audio support
  • You can get offline working (no need for internet)
  • Get white noise and pink noise for you little baby

Pro tips: use White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds app to make your baby sleep

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  1. Relax melodies app: Sleep sounds

Want to join 40million happy sleeper; then you can use Relax melodies app.

Relax melodies have more than 52 different relaxing soundtracks which can remove anxiety and relax you within few minutes.

Some of the features of relaxing melodies are given below

  • Get more than 100 different relaxing soundtracks
  • Trusted by more than 40 million people
  • You can make your own soundtrack by mixing and matching sounds
  • Get more than 100+ sound for a brainwave to relax
  • Get bonus -100+ guided meditation which can help you achieve focus and concentration
  • Get training on a different subject, such as
    • Better sleep
    • Deep sleep
    • Stress and anxiety relief
    • Meditation to help focus

Pro tips: install Relax melodies, which can help you in getting sound sleep

Download for iOS


  1. Relax Rain app – Rain Sounds

Relax Rain is a white noise app which has more than 35 natural rain sounds which can help you in sleep and relaxing your body.

Some of the features of Relax rain app is as follows

  • Help you in attending sound sleep
  • More than 5miilion verified installs from Google Play Store
  • Get more than 35 HD rain sounds which can be mixed with thunders
  • Adjust the volume of rain, thunders or mix them to get new effects
  • Get timer with fade off mode
  • It can pause audio if you receive any incoming calls
  • It can play without any internet
  • Get the app to relax and sleep
  • Relax your mind by mixing and matching different rain showers
  • Create a peaceful ambiance to gain more peace inside you
  • Simple interface and simple to use

Pro tips: use relax rain app to achieve sound sleep

Download app for Android


8.Rain Sounds app – sleep & relax

Another white noise app which uses Rain sounds to make you attend sound sleep.

Some of the features of rain sounds app are as follows

  • Get High-quality rain sounds
  • More than 10Million verified install from Google Play Store
  • Customize sounds and play them while you sleep
  • Relax your mind and attend sleep
  • You can get optional piano tracks in the background with rain showers
  • Easy to operate and has a beautiful design
  • Get timer to fade off
  • Get beautiful backgrounds images
  • You can install this on SD cards
  • You can play this app in offline mode

Pro tips: install Rain sound app to relax your mind and attend sleep

Download app for Android


  1. Baby Sleep app -White Noise

Play baby sleep app in the background and watch your baby sleep peacefully without any hassle.

Baby sleep app is designed in such a way that it can calm your baby within minutes.

Some of the features of Baby Sleep app are as follows

  • Get more than 24 soundtracks to smooth you, baby
  • Great white noise app which really helps your baby relax and sleep peacefully
  • Use this app to stop your baby crying
  • Get soundtracks with lullabies to make your baby happy and relax
  • Record your sound of “shh-shhh” to make it more effective to calm your baby
  • Time with auto-fade on the facility
  • Save your battery
  • Free app

Pro tips: use Baby Sleep app -White Noise, if you want your baby sleep peacefully

Download app for Android


  1. White Noise Generator app

Increase focus and get deep sleep is the motto of the White Noise Generator app.

Some of the features of a white noise generator app are as follows

  • The best app when you need focus and concentration in life
  • Good app for getting relax mind and body
  • Help you attend sound sleep by listening HD soundtracks
  • More than 16+ soundtracks to make you more relax and calm
  • Get white noise and brown noise
  • Create your own soundtrack by mixing different sounds
  • App did not require active internet for playing

Pro tips: install white noise generator app if you good sleep and concentration in job or work

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Final words

So, these are the 10 Best White Noise App to induce sleep in 2019.  

You can use these white app to get better sleep, focus, and concentration in work or studies.

Comment below and tell us which white app has helped you achieve sound sleep.


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