04 ways to Android Clear Cache in 2019

Check out 04 ways to Android Clear Cache which are effective in 2019.

so, you have brought a new Android phone, and it was running good for 03 months, after that you notice slight performance problem.

Your application on Android started weird, and they began to crash without giving any warning.

Everything seems fine, but when you open any big game like PUBG or Need for speed, your Android phone crash the game.

You become frustrated and search online for the possible solution, and you find the actual culprit “Cache” in your Android phone.

So, if you are using Android Smartphone for a long time without clearing your Cache, then you may notice performance issue and problem-related to games.

So, let’s find out what are these Cache in Android Phone.

What is Android Cache Data?

Android Cache data are those residual files which are stored in Android devices by App or website.

Android Cache Data may include

  • Small files
  • Images
  • Cookies files
  • Logs files
  • Small backup files
  • Files for getting regular update
  • Records related to the database of games
  • Data of login details
  • Autofill information files and many more

As you have seen, Android Cache data files include many essential files which are necessary for apps or website.

Now here you need to take into consideration some facts

  • Apps Cache files: these files are necessary files which contain much information regarding your login and daily updates. You can clear these cache files once they become large or when you uninstall these apps.
  • Website Cache files: these files are called cookies which automatically gets installs into your Android device to facilitate your user experience. You can clear these small files after opening the specific browser you have installed.

Can Your delete Cache data on Android Smartphone?

Yes, you can safely delete cache data from your Android devices.

After you install apps, these cache data are technically not requiring in your smartphone.

You can safely delete these Cache data from your Android Smartphone to ooze out some space for other apps.

Same things go with the cache data of the website, which you can safely delete without any problem and get some space.

When You should Clear Android Cache data?

You can clear Android Cache data on this condition

  • Whenever your phone gives a performance issue
  • Every day when you start using your Smartphone in the morning
  • After you install any new Android apps from the Google Play Store
  • After you uninstall any Android Apps from your Smartphone
  • Clearing all browsing data every day to access fast internet
  • Whenever you Phone is crashing after opening big game or apps
  • Whenever you found lags in internet browsing


04 ways to Android Clear Cache in 2019

We have summarized many methods by which you can clear Android cache. Let’s check all these proven methods to clean android cache.


1. Clear Cache data by using Device setting

One of the most powerful places to delete your Android mobile Cache is from device setting.

Follows these steps to clear all cache data from your mobile

  • Open your Android Smartphone and click on setting icon
  • Now navigate to “Storage or Storage & Memory” present in your Setting page
  • This will open “Internal shared storage” windows
  • Click on the “Cache Data” option present
  • A new window will open seeking permission to “clear cache data.
  • Click on OK to delete all the residual data present for all apps in your device

Note: this will only remove data related to apps which are present in your smartphone.


2.Clear Browsing History of Website

You also need to clear all the browsing history data of the website by using this method.

Method 1

  • Open setting option present in your Android smartphone
  • Tap on apps present in the setting page
  • Select the app (chrome or opera)
  • After the app will open click on the storage
  • Now you will find clear cache option present in the windows
  • Click on Clear cache and clean all files

Method 2

  • Open Chrome setting in the android mobile by clicking on the three dots
  • Now click on the “site setting” present in the chrome setting
  • Click on cookies and clear all cookies present in your device
  • You can alternatively block all cookies from this option

Note: this method is only for deleting cookies and files from apps which are used for browsing the internet.


3.Use Third-party Apps for Android

There are many third-party apps which are present in the Google Play Store which provides a one-click solution to clear cache and unnecessary files.

These Android cleaner apps can help you clear your junk files with one click.

Apart from clearing junk files, these Android cache cleaner apps provide many other features which are worth to mention.

Some of the features of Android Cache cleaner apps are as follows

  • Scanning features which analyze
    • Installed or uninstalled apps
    • External memory cards
    • Internal memory cards
    • Unused apps
    • Logs files
    • Junk files, cache files, and temp files
  • One clicks solution to clear cache
  • Clean ram and increase performance
  • Delete large files which are not accessible for longer time
  • Delete similar images found in HDD
  • Clean all browsing data with one click
  • Check memory status in real-time
  • Cools CPU with one-click solution

Some of the best Cache cleaner apps are as follows

  • Cache Cleaner – DU Speed Booster
  • Clean Master
  • Power Clean
  • Ace Cleaner
  • Systweak Android Cleaner

Note: Use these third-party Android Cleaner for free, as these are a real lifesaver when it comes to cleaning junk files with one click.


4. Clear Cache Partition on Recovery

This process is little advance level and should be tried on the last option, as this may wipe out all your sensitive information.

In this process, we will delete cache partition on recovery, which involves specific steps.

Follows these steps to clear cache partition on the recovery

  • Power off your Android Smartphone
  • Hold your Smartphone Power button and Volume down key simultaneously
  • Android phone will boot with Recovery mode
  • Now select “wipe cache partition” from the menu items
  • After you clean your cache, reboot your Android mobile

Note: do not use the last option to clear cache, it comes handy when your phone is not booting up, or you have done any firmware upgrade.


Final thought

So, these are the 04 ways to Android Clear Cache which you can use in 2019.

If you find all these methods very hectic, then we will recommend using third-party free Android cleaner apps.

You can use these third-party apps to clear all your junk files with a one-touch solution.

Apart from clearing unnecessary junk files, you will get many other features which are worth to try.

Comment below if you find these methods to clear cache in android Smartphone helpful.

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