Top 10 Coin Master Cheats Tips and Tricks 2022

Are you looking for top 10 Coin Master Cheats tips and tricks which will give you a big bonus like game coins, free spins, and game pets?

Welcome to the world of Viking king, where you need to build your own village with the help of coins.

To procure the game coins, you need to spin casino-style slot machine which will give you hefty reward and enable you to attack another player village.

As you all know, Coin Maser game is the no#1 game in its category and has more than 50Million installs from Google Play.

Coin Master Game app is developed by “Moon Active” and is available for all platform like Android, iOS, and Facebook.

With a huge number of people joining the game, it becomes important to know all the in and out of the game to become successful with this game.

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Why Coin Master Game become successful?

Coin master game has many important features which make this game awesome to play some of them as follows

  • Game is based on building village and clearing levels
  • The game revolves around the concept of spinning the slot machine
  • The game incorporated both building and spinning the slot machine
  • To build a village you need coins, which can be earned from plundering another players village
  • To attack other, people village, you need to spin the wheel
  • Spinning the wheel enables you with game goodies like
    • Hammer
    • Shield
    • Pigs
    • Free Spins
    • Free Coins
  • You also have to upgrade your pets which will help you in the raid or defending your village
  • Need to complete cards collection to receive huge rewards
  • Purchasing Chest which contains game coins and rare cards
  • Try to connect your game account with Facebook to receive rewards
  • Exchange cards with you online friends and complete your card collection
  • Coin master game can be played by all age groups
  • 100% free game

10 Coin Master Cheats Tips and Tricks 2022

Let’s discuss on the top 10 Coin Master cheats to get free spins and coins in 2021.

You can use these methods to get huge rewards such as

  • Coin Master coins
  • Coins Maser free spins
  • Pets
  • Coin Master Game Goodies
  • Coin Master Rare Cards with Golden Cards

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Coin Master cheats tips:

Method 1 # Login Daily to Grab Bonus

One of the biggest mistake Coin Master players does is, when they did not play the game daily.

You need to understand that Coin Master game provides a huge bonus to players daily to help them progress in the game.

To avail these facilities, you need to login daily into your Coin Master account to fetch a bonus of free spins.

Some players do not find time to play Coin Master daily, and they always prefer to play in weekdays. For those players, we recommend to log in daily at least one time to grab some free spins.

Do not think that if you don’t log in you will get all the accumulated spin on the weekends that is not possible.

You will never get any accumulated spin in the weekend, so, our recommendation is to keep login daily to grab some bonus in Coin Master.


Pro Tips: Login everyday ensure many bonus as well as new announcement, which will help you build you game.

Method 2 # Know your Slot Machine

Before you proceed in the game of Coin Master, you should know what the benefits slot machine are provided.

Slot machine in Coin Master is Casino Style where you need to match any three patterns to get some rewards.

Some of the rewards which you can expect to win using the Slot Machine of Coin Master are as follows

  • Shield – when you match 03 shield in the Slot machine
  • Hammers – when you match 03 hammer in the slot machine
  • Free spins – when you match 03 energy capsule in the slot machine
  • Pigs – when you match 03 pig face in the slot machine
  • Coins – when you match 03 coins in the slot machine
  • Huge bonus of coins – when you match 03-coin pouches in the slot machine


Feature of Game bonus and how they are used in Coin Master

As you know, there are five items which you can expect when you spin the slot machine, some of the features of these game items are as follows

  • Hammer:
    1. Hammer is used for attacking other players village in the game.
    2. You can use hammer only once and then it disappears.
    3. You will be given 03 chances to shovels in an enemy village
    4. The enemy village will contain 04 holes
    5. One hole will be empty, and all other holes will have coins in it
    6. Hammer can only block if any players have shield activated
    7. If any player has activated a shield, then your attack will go in vain
  • Shield:
    1. The shield is used to protecting your village from any raid
    2. If you get any shied in the spin, then it will protect your village from enemy attack
    3. A shield can be used only once, after blocking successfully the blow of hammer shield disappears.
    4. If your village contain huge coins and you want to protect them from the enemy, then it is better idea to buy shield.
  • Pig Face:
    1. Pig Face are very rare items which come out of slot machine
    2. If you find Pig Face in any spin, then consider yourself lucky
    3. With Pig face you will be able to attack the game master village
    4. Game Maser village contain huge bonus or coins
    5. You can accumulate huge coins if you get successive Pig Face game item in Coin Master
  • Free Spin:
    1. if you can match 03 energy capsule, you will get free spins
    2. consider yourself lucky if you got more than 03 free spins in slot machine
    3. you can accumulate free spin and can use it later
  • Coins
    1. You can win free coins if you match 03 Coin pouches in slot machine

Pro Tips: Coin master game is based on Slot machine, you need to master it before you start building you base. 

Method 3 # Complete all the events present in the Game

There are many events which are announced in a phased manner; you need to complete these events and earn huge rewards.

Events of Coin Master cheats tips

  • Diamond Rush – this was the first event of Coin Master, which gives huge rewards when completed. You can use this event and earn coins and free spins
  • Ultra-Attack Master – in this event you need to spin and match 03 ultra-signs to get a bonus and win the event
  • Ultra- Raid Madness – similar to Ultra-attack master event, where you need to match 03 ultra-sign to get bonus
  • Village Master– Cool events where you can complete Village in the stipulated time and earn food and potions for your pets. You can also get a huge bonus in-game coins.
  • Jackpot event– this is the biggest even where you can earn a huge bonus of Coin in Coin Master game.
  • Viking Quest event – another biggest event where you will get 10,000 spins.


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Pro Tips: Completing events is game will ensure your progress in game.

Method 4 # Spend your Coins Judiciously

One of the first things in the game, you need to do is to construct new building in your village when you receive any coins in Coin Master.

Do not keep your coins in the account for later upgrade or building.

As this game is for raiding or defending your base, when you log off, players are free to attack your village and gets all your hard earn coins.

So, follow the thumb rule of Coin Master “keep on constructing a new building and upgrading them.”

When you build any construction in your village, you will receive a star which when accumulated will help in finding new village.

So, keep on building your village with the coins you receive from slot machine and raiding other people villages.

Pro Tips: Spend your Coins very Judiciously, as you will need them when you build bigger cities or base.

Method 5 # Try to complete your card collection before unlocking new village

One of the biggest mistake new players of Coin Master does is when they keep on unlocking new village without completing card collection.

You need to understand that when you went to the upper level, all the cards which are needed to unlock in the lower level did not show up.

You need to keep on asking for exchange from friends or members of Facebook groups to get your desired cards.

So, to avoid all these hassles, you should keep on completing card collection before you move on unlocking new village in Coin Master cheats tips.

There are 33 categories of cards in Coin Master game with 09 Cards in each category.

All the 33 categories of Coin Master cards are as follows

  • Pets
  • Beasts
  • Items
  • Creatures
  • Status
  • Bling Bling
  • Sweets
  • Mongolia
  • Sherlock
  • Beanstalks
  • Mythical
  • Baba Yaga
  • Scotland
  • Dinos
  • Ocen
  • China
  • Canada
  • Tribe
  • Robin Hood
  • Christmas
  • Sand Land
  • Egypt
  • Legends
  • Ice Queen
  • Heroes
  • OZ
  • Africa
  • Alice
  • Halloween
  • Japan
  • Plants
  • Vikings
  • Hot Rides

Pro tips: Complete all the card collection in Coin master to receive a huge bonus which can be used to clear your present level.


Method 6 # Keep Unlocking new Village

The ultimate goal of Coin Master is to unlock new Village and keep on upgrading your village resources.

Whenever you unlock a new village, Coin Master game will reward you will huge bonus like free spins and coins.

You can use these bonuses to immediately buy a new building for your village and keep on upgrading them.

Always remember, do not keep your coins in account, keep on spending your coins and building your village to its fullest.

Whenever you build any building in your village, game will award with stars which can be used to unlock new village.

Pro Tips: You need to Keep on Unlocking new Village, as this will ensure you healthy progress in game.


Method 7 # Invite friends or family member to play the game

Coin Master has implemented the referral bonus, which means if any person using your referral and join Coin Master game, you will receive bonus.

Now, this is very cool way of getting bonus and gifts, as you can invite your family members, friends and classmate to play this game without any problem.

You will receive 25 free spins when you invite any friend with your referral links.

Inviting your friend and family members are very easy; you have to copy-paste your referral links on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp.

If your friend or family member click on the links and install the game on their smartphone, you will receive the referral bonus of Coin Master.

 Pro Tips: Friends and Family members, make any game full of fun and entertainment.

Method 8 # Defend your base

One of the cool ways to defend your base is to

  • Purchase Shield form the store
  • Upgrading your Pets

Coin Master is a game of Raid and defend where you need to defend your base from all the enemy attack.

If you have huge coins in your base which you want to save from enemy attack, then you need to invest in the shields.

Keep on purchasing shields before you log off for the game; we recommend keeping at least 03 shields in your base before you log off.

Another way to protect your village is to upgrade your pets; you need to give treats to your pets which will activate them for 04 hours.

Pets can be upgraded with experience points (XP) which you can grab during any events or spinning the slot machine.

Keep those pets which help to block any enemy attack, for example, Rhino.

Pro Tips: One thing on which you need to invest is Village Shield. Keep on spending on shields to safeguard your village from any external attack.

Method 9 # Earn more in a raid with help of Pets

You can earn more when you activate pets of these characteristics.

For example, Pet Foxy will give you raid rewards when you keep it for attacking the enemy village.

When every you are going to attack or start spinning the slot machine, follow these steps

  • Give food to your pets
  • Or treat to your pets
  • This will activate the pet for four hours
  • Now higher you bet and conduct the raid
  • You will get 70% more rewards when you attack using your pet activated

Pro Tips: pets are the cutest introduction in the game, which bring many bonus along with them. Use pets to gain more coins or gold in the attack.

Method 10 # Cool trick to get Pet food and upgrade them

As you know, pet food is difficult to get, but you can  purchase pet food from Coin master store.

But here is some cool trick which you can follow and upgrade your pet with more than 100 XP within two days.

Steps to get free pet food

  • Use all your Coin present in your account
  • Now leave your account for 02 to 03 days or more
  • Meanwhile, your village will be destroyed by enemy
  • Now just make a small part of your village
  • You will be reward with pet food and 100 XP
  • Use this XP to upgrade your Pet

Pro Tips: Use this trick if you are not able to play the game daily. 

05 Coin Master Glitch to get free Coins

Let’s discuss on the Coin Master Glitch to get free Coins

Method 1 # Change your Smartphone Date

There are many Coin Master Glitch by which you can get legit coins when you apply those with precision.

One the best Coin Master Glitch is to change your Smartphone Date, follow these steps to get free coins

  • Log out from all the account of Coin Master
  • Now set your Smartphone date one day forward
  • Log into your game account
  • Now you will find all the free Spin available in your game account
  • Use all the spins and then log out from your Coin Master game
  • Change back to the real date of your Smartphone
  • Log again to your account and enjoy the game

Statutory warning: all the article written here is only for information and education only. We did not promote any kind of Coin Master cheats or glitch. User is advised to use these methods on their own discretion.

Method 2 # Connect Facebook account with Coin Master to receive bonus

You can connect your Facebook account with Coin Master account to receive a big bonus, some of them are as follows

  • Get Free Spins – 50 (one time)
  • Get Free Coins – 100k (one time)

Pro tips: connect your Facebook account with Coin Master game account, as this will also provide lots of other benefits such as

  • Your Progress can be saved
  • You can log into a Facebook version of Coin Master using your present userid
  • Participate in the Cards exchange in Facebook groups
  • Check all you and your friends progress in leaderboards
  • Post your screenshot of Coin Master in your Facebook wall
  • Ask friends to join Coin Master in Facebook
  • Receive a bonus when your friends join Facebook using your referral

Method 3 # Complete your Card collection to get a huge bonus

Coin Master game will give you a big bonus when you complete your Card Collection.

You can check for all the missing cards in card collection of your Coin Master and exchange online with friends to complete your collection.

To participate in the online Card exchange, you need to connect your Coin Master game account with Facebook.

In Facebook, there are more than 15 Coin Master groups in which you can join and become a member in one day.

After joining these Facebook groups, you need to ask for your missing cards with a screenshot, so that members understand which card you are seeking.

Many members will come forward to help you as they might be having more than one card of that category.

You can also trade with your Facebook friends by giving them other cards which you are having more than one.

Pro tips: as you all know, there are 33 categories in Coin master for Card collection, you will get huge bonus when you complete any one of them.


Method 4 # Join Social Media Giveaway

There are many big giveaways in the social platform for Coin Master cards or free spins.

You must join all these social media giveaways and participate to win a big bonus.

You should look at all the major Coin Master giveaway in

  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • VK
  • Game forums

Participating in these giveaways are quite simple as you need to share their post or message or picture to different social media.

Try to participate in all events of Coin Master as these are the fee method to earn huge bonus such as spins, coins, and rare cards.


Method 5 # Coin Master Betting Glitch

You can earn big bonus and huge coins if you follow these super Coin Master betting Glitch.

  • There are chances when you get super bet to enable while playing the spins
  • Now if you are never going under 5 spins in the present game, then keep on playing the game as long as you are not going under 5 spin
  • Coin Master betting will give you more coins when there is less player in your zone or country
  • So, to maximize the profit always keep betting after 1 O’clock in midnight


Final words

So, these the Top 10 Coin Master Cheats Tips and Tricks 2022, which you can implement to clear all levels and complete your card collection.

We have summarized many Coins Master Glitch to get free Coins; we hope you can use these methods and get huge bonus.

Coin Master is a game of playing Casino style slot game with building village game, which has some cute pets to dazzle.

You can play Coin Master game with your kids or family member without getting bored.

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