Homescapes Tips and Tricks to Clear level like Pro

Are you searching for Homescapes Tips and Tricks to clear level like Pro?

Homescapes Tips and Tricks involve some of the best methods which top players implement to clear all difficult levels. 

Now, it is your time to utilize these methods and clear all difficult levels with ease.

Some of the best features of Homescapes are

  • Combination of home renovation game with a 3-puzzle board
  • Falls under the category of matching 03 cube game
  • No#1 highest-grossing game of the year in its category
  • More than $400 million earned during its first year
  • Boast more than 300 levels
  • Get game items such as
    • Powerup
    • Booster
    • Make combos to clear levels
  • Game is suitable for all age groups
  • You can also ask for free hearts from your team, friends and family members

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Tips 1 # Master the 3-Puzzle game by learning the basics

If you want to excel in Homescapes games, then you need to master the basics of the 3-puzzle game.

Which involve matching 03 similar color cubes in a row or column and make it disappear.

Now, there is some special rule, which you need to follow in the 3-puzzle game.

  • Follow the Thumb rule of 3-puzzle board game
  • Start clearing the board from the lower row or column
  • Try to mix and match the last row every time you start a new move
  • Always think that if you clear any bottom row, all the cubes will come down, giving you a new combination of cubes.
  • Top priority should always give to the bottom row


Tips 2 # Play board game and think like Chess

If you are playing Homescapes to sharpen your mind and fun, then start thinking like chess.

You need to think 03-steps ahead to make combos or possible clearing all difficult cubes.

Many times, it happens that game will give you chains, or boxes in which cubes will be struck, you need to break them first to make any combination of cubes.

For these types of situation, you can think before you choose any combination of cubes.

You need to think three steps ahead like chess

  • You need to plan 03 moves ahead to clear all cubes
  • You should also try to make a different pattern which is called powerup or combos
  • Powerup or combos can be more lethal than a normal combination
  • Plan your moves, according to moves left in the game

Tips 3 # Try to make Power up

Power up in Homescapes are great level clearer when you use them judicially.

When every you match more than 03 cubes of similar color, you will get powerup which eliminates more cube in the puzzle board.

There are four power up in Homescapes game, which are as follows

  • Rocket
  • Paper plane
  • Bomb
  • Rainbow ball

How you can make power up in Homescapes?

  • Rocket: this happens when you combine 04 similar cubes in a row or column. Rocket can clear the whole row or column depending on the way; you make it.
  • Paper Plane: this will appear when you combine 04 similar cubes in a square. Paper plane can destroy one cube in the puzzle board.
  • Bomb: it can be made using 05 cubes in L-Shape in the puzzle board. It can destroy all 08-cubes which are adjacent to it.
  • Rainbow Ball: It will clear all the similar-looking cubes in the puzzle board and is very difficult to make.

homescapes power up

Tips 4 # Make Combos using Power up

Do not use your hard earn power up in Homescapes game; you need to make combos by joining these power up and make it more powerful.

If you are use combos, which are made by joining different power up in Homescapes, you will get far more cubes eliminated in the game.

Combos can be made using matching different power up and executing them in Homescapes.

List of Combos which are made up of mixing power up in Homescapes

  • Rocket + Rocket
  • Rocket + bomb
  • Rocket + paper plane
  • Rocket + rainbow ball
  • bomb + rainbow ball
  • bomb + paper plane
  • paper plane + rainbow ball


Tips 5 # Do you know Booster in Homescapes

There are many helping tools in Homescapes called Boosters.

Booster is available free in the game; you will receive them when you clear levels and it are available as a small icon in Homescapes dashboard.

You can use as many boosters in Homescapes during any 3-puzzle board match.

A booster can help you clear any level with ease when you are stuck with one cube or more, and your stipulated moves of the game are very less.

Check the hammer icon present in the dashboard of Homescapes game.

You can use this hammer to break any cube which is giving trouble in clearing any match.

Normally Hammer boosters are used as last resort when you did not have any possible move left, and your game is about finish with one cube.

A booster can be purchased from the Homescapes game in-app purchase.


Tips 6 # Out of ideas then wait

Whenever you are out of the idea of making any possible combination, then you should wait for some seconds.

Homescapes game will detect this and will provide with suitable moves which you can implement to clear levels.

Do not hesitate to use all the free help game will provide, it will show you two or three moves, from which you chose the best possible moves.

Always remember, to check for any power up or combos when you are trying to match any cube in Homescapes.

Think wisely and plan ahead for any possible power up, as these will eliminate huge cubes from the puzzle board.


Final words

So, these are the Homescapes Tips and Tricks to Clear level like Pro; we hope that you will implement all the 06 tips we have you in the article.

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